Gambling and its Problems

It’s very common for people to get into problems due to gambling. We all have known about it that gambling gets one into several problems. But, do we know what causes problems in gambling, exactly? Gambling is an addiction for many of us. We all have heard multiple stories about how people fail in gambling and betting. But, have we made an attempt to read the reasons behind them? Not much, because we feel that it isn’t important. But, anytime knowledge is never a waste, if you are aware of these signs and few symptoms of gambling that will lead you to the problem, then you might get out of it soon, or even help your friend is coming back to normal life.

Monster Bet

Monster Bet is one of the biggest gambling and betting site that has many customers, who have profited out from there. Being from such a huge site, we are providing some insights to our patronage customers, to identify the signs of problem gambling and get help as soon as possible, as to not fall prey and lose life to gamble.

Problematic Levels

Anybody who has the habit of gambling can get into this level. People even as young as school children or as old as 80 years can get into problematic gambling, with their hunger to earn more and more.Lose track of important things and events and continue only with gambling.Ignore responsibilities, work, family life, friends and even children.

Children Get Addicted

Yes, children too get addicted to gambling. The open platform, online sites that have been popularly seen always, pulls people to try once for just some fun. This develops into addiction and over the time, converts gambling into a habit that converts into problematic gambling, leading to many troubles.Regularly misses school, classes.

Is it legal?

Definitely not!! Children below a minimum of 16 years, in some nations it's up to 18 years are not allowed into gambling. But with growing online gambling sites, the access to gambling has become easier. There are many sites, which never check on the age and safety, but only concentrate on money, such sites are an easy access to them.

how can we find out that anybody is getting into problematic levels of gambling?

  1. Change in the behavior, interests.
  2. Change in the personality.
  3. Spending patterns change, drastically.
  4. Lose track of important things and events and continue only with gambling.
  5. Ignore responsibilities, work, family life, friends and even children.
  6. Lies to patch up for the monetary losses and time lapsed .
  7. Tries to hide away from functions and common gatherings.
  8. Keeps the habit a secret.
  9. Gets depressed or angered quickly, without any outer reason.
  10. Chasing the losses that occurred.
  11. Borrowing or stealing money to gamble.

In children also we can see similar problems and symptoms, along with these

  1. Tells lots of lies about winning prizes or money in gambling.
  2. Regularly misses school, classes.
  3. Gets into fights and arguments with fellow students quickly.
  4. Gets angry easily and explodes in others.
  5. Borrows money from friends and others.

Well, these were the symptoms and signs; let’s now look at how to reduce them:

Limit the amount of time spent on gambling. If the affected person is your close one, have a close watch on them; keep them engaged if it’s the children. If its elders; then you can keep them engaged, by always staying in touch and trying to get them open up to you.

Take up gambling for fun and just time pass. Never have too many expectations from it Try to accept the losses. In genuine ways, nobody can actually recover the losses that have been done in gambling. Only huge levels of risk, that is calculated and if you are 200% sure about it, then you can go ahead. In the whole history of gambling, it occurred only once. Don’t drink and gamble.

Never use up all the money, and mostly never borrow money. We can spend our own money and go bankrupt, but never do it with others money. It will spoil the relation and your reputation Always put your family first.

Instead of gambling, indulge in other activities. You can indulge in physical activities which will stress you out both physically and mentally and help you in forgetting the act of gambling

Company Values

Every organization has its own values and principles to abide by. We too are never far off, and we have set our own values and principles. Being in the gambling industry it’s even more important for us to keep them up.

Our core values are:

Being in the industry, that has lots of speculation and problems, we are often seen as problems. Hence we have the best of problem-solving skills in our management board and all our employees, so that they become the best person, and can handle any problematic situation very well.


We have followed this and are following and will be following this forever. We strive to be loyal and sincere in all dealings, and hence have all the systems being transparent.


Our organization believes in encouraging every person aboard. Having an ambition will not just grow each person, but also the whole organization, hence we allow our employees to have ambitions and give them enough space to grow and also bring the fame to us. Along with this, we also have ambitions for our organization to grow, in terms of service to clients, and various platform savvy products. We strive to give the best experience possible.

We aim to maintain the integrity of the workspace. With diversified cultures and various groups of people, we keep certain simple policies and ethics that unify the people and yet they remain in their own skin. We lay a strong focus on our aim and objective. We want to be the best, top in the globe, and we never leave a stone unturned in the process. We want to give you the best out of the globe, in terms of service and games.

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